vilage-One way Road to Nassai
-The spirit of Ma Lieng
-Territorial boundary stones in Laos




This documentary, commissioned by SPERI (Social Policy and Ecology Research Institute) A production of 3 episodes--Also available as a feature documentary in DVD format RT 1h20’--The long road to Nasai -- The spirit of MaLieng -- The boundary stones of the Hmong Territory. Nassai is an isolated village in the mountainous region of Northern Vietnam. It took a long time for villagers to reach the nearby district centre over a narrow and treacherous dirt road. But things have changed since construction of a road has dislodged the village. This documentary will show how people can benefit from development and at same time become a victim of this development. Parallels with other once secluded villages (Ta Phin) will be shown to illustrate the devastating effects of unchecked development. The work of SPERI will become apparent through the stories. SPERI's activities will be inserted in the documentary in a way that it does not take an overly dominant position but at the same time becomes a crucial factor of support. Where possible, the events will be told through the mouth of the villagers, and not through a foreign spokesperson, to make the story more authentic and powerful.

Programming Descriptors

  • Type: TelevisionNurturing Nature LISO Book
  • Categories: Documentary
  • Genres: News
  • Niches: Asian, Developing Nations, Disability Culture
  • Niels Wuyts: Director, Script Supervisor
  • Veerle Vandenhende: 2nd Assistant Director; Script Supervisor, Co-Writer
  • Hendrik Wuyts: Cinematographer/DP; Camera Operator




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