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    Aerial Photo and film.Salt ponds Bonaire

    For all you future projects, Bonaire Vision Films will include aerial footage where necessary.
    Bonaire is a small island with an international airport, so the use of drones is very restricted.
    Bonaire is also the home of many bird species and has 2 main bird sanctuaries where is it prohibited to use drones.

     The use of aerial footage is also useful for research and science.
    The system will indicate altitude and distance and record High Definition footage which will record in detail subjects or find arias of natural value.
    The use of a drone can help with maintenance of windgenerators, powerlines or anything that is not accessible.Just ask for a quote and find out the immense posibilities.



    Lucht opnamen Bonaire Lighthouse BeachAerial Bonaire ShoresAerial Bonaire RidgeBartol rock formation 05 copyHabitat Dive Resort Bonaire AerialHabitat Dive Resort Aerial

  • Be A Model 4 A Day


  • Bonaire Productions

    Sport Events, windsurfing, kite surfing, or scuba diving anything is possible.
    Stinapa marine park anniversary or an environmental awareness film we have done it.
    Classic or modern, creative and high quality we can tailor something to fit with-in your budged.


    Hendrik Wuyts offers you this film for free to embed on your website or share on your timeline.
    Contact me to receive a download link or just like me on Facebook and receive a High Resolution download.

    Specialized in Nature film productions, Bonaire Vision Films has been housed on the Island since 1993 and has collected a great amount of experience and footage. Any story, nature related, sport or events we can record it for future use or create you a story ready to be shared or used as promotion film. Documentary making is my passion, if it is a sport event, environmental or educational I can offer a production that fits with-in your budged. Please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask for more information or a quote.

    GREEN BONAIRE is a TCB (Bonaire Tourisme Office Production, 2017)



    Listed below are just a few of the projects I have recently been working on.


    Fabien Cousteau

    Tourism Corporation Bonaire is pleased to announce that Mr. Fabien Cousteau will be visiting Bonaire from April 8 – 12, 2016. During his time on island, Mr. Cousteau will be conducting a seminar for local dive tourism stakeholders and volunteering in a variety of scuba diving themed activities.


    Unknown As most of you know, Ian and I bought a house on the island of Bonaire. We were also asked to have our househunting experience filmed for the TV show "House Hunters International." We just received word that our episode will air on Wednesday, October 26th at 7:30 PM Pacific Time/10:30 PM Eastern time. (and again at 10:30 Pacific and 1:30 AM Eastern.)

    House Hunters International


    Bonaire - Vision of Nature 2019


    The production of 5 short movies, that promotes the shore diving on the island of Bonaire.
    These short films are produced as commercials where we used the reef as the product.


    Washington Slagbaai National Park

    Washington Slagbaai National Park Bonaire

    A new production produced for Tourist TV Bonaire, will be launched October 2016.
    Take a look at these never before seen nature footage.




    Stormvogel krijgt een nieuw leven.
    Van een onzer verslaggevers Willemstad - Het historische Bonairiaanse zeilvracht- schip Stormvogel is van de ondergang gered.
    Het schip wordt van onder tot boven schoongemaakt en gerestau- reerd, hiermee krijgt het vaartuig weer nieuw leven.
    Bonaire Vision Films is filming is producing several films portraying the history, it’s restoration and a promotional film.

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     Bonaire Trade show film, 2015: is a re-edit from “Bonaire is more than just a divers paradise” film production.
    This version shows the islands beauty, facilities and activities and is been used by (TCB) Tourism Cooperation Bonaire on all travel trade shows.
    It is used, as a showcase for Bonaire hence does not need a narrative voice.

    Padro en de pijlstaartrog 2016 production Padro en de pijlstaartrog, is een verhaal geschreven door Remda Spoelstra en gefotografeerd door Noustha Koeckhoven. Om dit mooie verhaal nog meer beeld te geven hebben we er een film van gemaakt om het lezen nog wat meer te stimuleren. Er is ook een Papiamento versie.





    Social media video clips produced for BONAIRE TOURISME  TCB

    If you're already thinking about where to go on vacation this fall, then think no more. Save on accommodations, diving, dining and more with our Bonaire Fall Festival: Dive-Dine-Discover program.



    Social Media Clips produced for Mr. Scott Eddy, at VIP Divers

    Screen Shot 2017 06 15 at 10.09.45 AM

    Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire (CRFB) is a Non-Profit Organization founded in 2012,
    when Ken Nedimeyer of CRF USA was invited to visit the island to work with and assist Bonaire with their continued efforts to preserve Bonaire’s greatest assets, its coral reefs.


    WE ARE YOUR DIVE FRIENDS! Promo film showing Dive Friends 8 Locations on the Island of Bonaire.


    <Unknown 1

    Coral Renewal Foundation Bonaire

    Harbour Village Beach Resort 

    At Harbour Village Beach Club, unforgettable experiences are enjoyed both above and below the water. Explore one of Bonaire’s 86 well-defined dive sites and discover exactly what’s made us a top diving destination for over 20 years! Great Adventures Bonaire at Harbour Village is a PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Resort facility featuring un-crowded boats, personalized service and a professional, friendly and multilingual staff. Daily boat dives, dive instruction for all levels including Assistant Instructor and Divemaster courses, advanced certification and specialties, equipment rental and SASY for kids are all offered. The dive shop is located along the beach, just steps from the rooms and suites. With its dive pier, lounge chairs, beach gazebo and shower, it offers another peaceful area to learn and relax along the beach. Rinse tanks, a retail store, dive lockers, large air-conditioned classroom, and complimentary Kayak rentals round out the dive amenities.

    Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire

    Sea turtles help maintain the health of seagrass beds and coral reefs. As they graze on these marine plants, they prevent them from becoming overgrown and unhealthy, which in turn helps to maintain the entire ecosystem. 2. Sea turtles also help to distribute nutrients across different parts of the ocean as they migrate from one area to another. This can benefit other species in the ecosystem, including scavengers and predators. 3. Sea turtles are important predators in their own right, preying on a variety of marine invertebrates, fish and jellyfish. This helps to control the populations of these animals and prevents them from overgrazing or damaging other parts of the ecosystem. In summary, sea turtles are a crucial part of the marine ecosystem and their presence is essential for the health and well beingof many other species.


  • Services

    Why Should You Choose Us?

    20 Years of filmmaking with 15 Years experience on the Island of Bonaire.
    As a Director of Photography and official nature & dive guide, I can guide you to the sea horses, the spawning corals or the nesting iguanas.

    1. Where do the flamingos feed?
    2. When will the kibrahachi bloom?
    3. Who can help you guide to the flamingo sanctuary?
    4. Who knows the way to the yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrots?
    5. Where on Bonaire can you witness the moonrise in the same latitude angle as the sunset?


  • Weddings

    A basic wedding photo shoot scenario:

    WeddingBride getting ready at her suite.
    The bride wedding gown, shoes, rings and jewelry.
    The groom awaiting his new bride at the ceremony beach house.
    Decoration, invitations, cake and flower arrangements will not be forgotten.
    The guests arriving.
    The Ceremony event.
    Traditional and creative photo shoot with family and friends.
    Happy moments and creative photography.
    A sunset over Bonaire’s turquoise waters.

    • Unlimited amount of digital photographs.
    • Including a 20 page hardcover photo album.
    • Includes all photo enhancement and editing.

    We would like to tailor at your request and wishes.

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Island South Tour

    3 hour additional tour:

    • The waterfront in Kralendijk
    • The courthouse
    • The salt ponds
    • The slave huts
    • The lighthouse


    Island North Tour

    3 hour additional tour:

    • Lake goto
    • The town Rincon
    • The East Coast 



    Detailed Information South Island Tour

    wedding photography sold ponds

    We will have stroll at Playa Lechi and downtown Kralendijk are perfect way to start your tour.
    It's a 10 minutes drive to Teamo Beach located just in front of the airport where we can be creative with the beach and it’s tranquil ocean.
    At the salt pier we will find a small ruin, a perfect subject to get creative with black and white due to the coral structure in the building.
    The pink colors of the sold ponds are a perfect way to combine it's pink with your wedding dress.
    Most south we find Wilemstoren lighthouse where the rough east coast will load your images with the power of nature.
    The lighthouse is a beautiful image filler and next to it there is a second ruin constructed out of coral rock.
    We will end our tour at the Red Slave huts, where we will take our time to combine romantic portrait shots with sunset views.

    This is a 3 hour island tour where we can enjoy our time in a relax manner.

    Detailed Information North Tour

    Seru Largo has the perfect view over the town of Kralendijk.
    We will drive the ocean road to witness the oceans turquoise blue shallows.
    Just past 1000 steps is a fantastic hang out to spend time and create some romantic images. A little walk and we will fill our background not only with the ocean but also with volcanic rock formations and caverns. Goto lake is a bird sanctuary and a view over our National Park will soften your images with pastel soft colors. The 500 year old town of Rincon has some of the best architecture of the island and a fun place to grab a drink and mingle with some local color for a Universal group photo shoot.

    This is also a 3 hour tour with a lot of possibilities.

    You need a wedding planner, I work closely with all wedding planners of Bonaire, here are some helpful links.

    • Bonaire Tours
    • Suze’s Weddings Bonaire
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    About Bonaire

    Bonaire offers an amazing collection of sceneries; from its turquoise ocean fronds to volcanic rock formations overgrown with cactus.
    We have a few natural beaches where there is plenty of photo opportunity.
    But you need to look for more, think about our salt ponds or Salina’s they are of exclusive beauty and represent the real panoramic of Bonaire.

    • As a professional photographer I work close with the wedding planner.
    • I will direct and organize the placements at the ceremony to get the utmost out of the photo shoot.
    • I will communicate with the ceremony master the timing and coordinate development of the wedding event with special care to the Bride, Groom and all the guests.
    • The goal is to have a tranquil smooth development that we all will enjoy.


    100 steps wedding photo






    Photo Album Printing

    Your album will be mailed using FedEx to your home address and delivery within 10 day’s

    classicphotobook endsheets layflatpages  



    Deluxe Hard Cover size 15‘X11’ with 20 pages

    Let Bonaire Vision Films create your album, a new online service.
    You will be able to view your album online, request changes and order copies anytime from any location.

    Go to: Your Album. Here you will find a small collection of this years wedding events. View this page and share; get a feel of Bonaire’s beautiful locations.