This film will show you Bonaire as you have never seen it before !Bonaire Film

You’ll learn about the past of the Bonairean people, their present
and their future - A park ranger, one of the few Bonaireans still
carrying the bloodline of the Arowak Indians will talk about our

Bonaire Destination Film Bonaire Ta Dushi, The park manager will introduce you to Washington SlagbaaiNational Park, and a naturalist teaches you about our birds and our flamingos. Marine Park gurus will explain to you why Bonaire is the last of Caribbean haven with pristine reefs.
Turtle conservation and protection is a high priority on Bonaire.
Our field ranger takes you on beach surveys and discovers
turtle hatchlings. An outdoor activity guide will take you kayaking
through the mangrove forest, share cave snorkeling adventures
and do some abseiling. A marine biologist will teach you about
our marine ecosystem and explain why Bonaire is famous
for its easy way of diving and its diving freedom.
Finally, discover the village of Rincon, a must see to understand
the Bonairean way of life.A perfect way to explore the island and familiarize yourself
with hidden beaches, places to go and things to do.

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 This 55 minutes DVD is offered in 3 languages, English,

Dutch and German at $ 25.00. Please contact me to place an order.


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